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Terror Mountain ZadorZador’s joining this year’s Altador Cup Staff Tourney over at JN. He’ll be supporting Terror Mountain 😉 Free buckets for all fellow supporters (or supporters of any team as long as it’s not Brightvale). Bonus buckets for LD/TM/FL/KI supporters 😀


The Epic Tale of Stopping the Lolrus Invasion

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Chapter II of the new Bucketon (blog) Plot will continue April 8th, 2010!


Be sure to join Zador and the anonymous hero of our tale as their teleportation trip through the Quick Transport System Portal takes them to a dangerous, mostly uncharted cluster of small islands surrounding a larger mountained island… THE REMOTE LOLRUS ISLAND.

Will they be able to stop the upcoming Lolrus Invasion with the help of the rest of the Bucket Army? Will they recover the Bucket Faerie’s wand? Will that strange robot ever find its Master? Where has the Baron been all this time? Who tried to kill Zador? Will we ever actually see the Bubket Scanner used on a bubket in these plots? Will the Applitron 4000-X show up in this plot? Will there ever be an explanation for the strange timeline this plot is currently set in (like how it’s been almost 4 months since Chapter I ended)? Will we actually see the Tiger Whistle used? Who has the other Soasin Lavendus plants? Is this this year’s lame April Fools prank? Is Ruby *really* The Doctor? Will JohnPaul and Pekka survive fine on their own back at Bucketon? Is Momo still around? Why do Zador, Pekka, Bucket Faerie and the Baron all look like each other? Did that gargoyle statue at Bucketon actually move on its own? Are there many questions like this? Is Weepit still the Janitor? Do you want to know Ian/Iggy’s last name? Is Rylon really just pretending to like tea? Why is Ailae almost always on scouting missions during these plots? Does Yaeness exist? Is the Anti-Bucket Faerie really just the Bucket Faerie when s/he/it has mood swings? Are there really male faeries? Doesn’t this wall of text look ugly without paragraphing? Wonder if anyone actually reads this? Am I at 1000 buckets on pwnt yet, Clouds? Why does the Content Beast like Diet Terry so much? Was Nynexia a figment of our imagination? Oh, is that the time? Is the Meaning of Life really Bucket or 42? Is this plot ever actually going to continue? Did someone say cake? Will we ever see Pailbailon? Why did Zador forget to do more Free BAIL awards? Who is the Master… and where did he disappear to?

These and a lot more will be answered beginning April 8th! Don’t forget!

42 Depressing Lolrus Facts – A Look Back

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I once (early 2009) wrote a list of 42 Depressing Lolrus Facts. I thought I would now, over a year later, have a look back at this list to see if anything has majorly changed from then.

Let’s have a look…

#1-14 are still the same
#15 should have “whether” not “wherethere”
#16 The Facebook group now has 6732 members AND there are two new Facebook groups with 210 and 175 members.
#17 Strangely I only get 38k results now
#18 Only 3 million Walrus – results
#19 Without exact criteria, bucket theft has almost 3 million results remaining. With criteria, it has OVER 10000 (compared to the previous 190, that’s a huge increase)
#20 “Someone stole my bucket” only has 176 results remaining (200k+ without exact criteria)
#21 There are 7 results for “walrus stole my bucket” (6 more than last year). Two of those are from the previous list (one from the blog post and the other from… well, see #22)
#22 There are FOUR results for “lolrus stole my bucket”. Two of those are from this blog, one from Threadless AND the surprise 4th one is from a forum called “Grasscity”. Interestingly the post in question is my original Lolrus list, which has embarrassingly been posted on the “Gimme some Facts” topic over there.
#23-37 are the same
#38 This number has gone down to 2 million after 2009
#39-42 are sadly the same

The Second Annual Bucketon Awards (Ignoring Lolruses)

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Welcome everyone to the Hall of Fame in the Grand Castle of Bucketon. I am Baron von Bucket the 1st and it’s time for the second annual Bucketon Awards (Ignoring Lolruses)! That’s right,  BAIL is here for the second time!

Despite all the strange events the past few months, we decided not to skip this exciting event. Hopefully it will help everyone relax in these troubling times.

Many buckets and bucket-related things/people/etc were given awards once again this year. Some old awards have been retired and some new ones have been added.

Let’s begin… Here are the winners in each Person/Creature category!

1. Most Prolific Bucket Awareness Gatherer of the Year (MPBAGY)

  • Baron von Bucket the 1st; From the ruling of Bucketon and Pailbalon to the numerous adoption events he has hosted, the Baron has always been a notable bucket lover.

2. Enemy of the Year (EY)

  • Anti Bucket Faerie; Also known as the Bubket Faerie, he/she/it has been a thorn in the side of every bucket lover for a long time. Currently it is incapable of entering Bucketon, reducing the damage it has been capable of causing. Yet still the number of bubkets rises each year.

3. Bucket Army Co-Leader of the Year (BACLY)

  • Weepit; Weepit was the second Co-Leader to be appointed to their position in the Bucket Army. Her great work within the Bucket Army in addition to her work as the Janitor have earned her this award.

4. Bucket Donator of the Year (BDY)

  • Jellyneo Forum Users; This year the donators were considered as groups and thusly the JNF users have won this award for the numerous buckets donated through comments, shoutbox and private messages. Special mention to JohnPaul  for the most special bucket of all, yet to be publicly revealed.

5. Bucketon Holiday Contributor (BHC)

  • Stephanie; This award was awarded to the person who renamed the Bucket Day in 2009 to its current name of St. Bucket’s Day

6. Random Pick From People To Say The Word (RPFPTSTW)

  • Grog; has spoken and Grog has received the first ever FREE BAIL award. Congratulations!

7. Plot Solver of the Year (PSY)

  • JohnPaul; JP has been solving Bucketon plots since the first one with speed, cleverness and determination. He has also suggested a lot of things that happened during the plots and even appeared as a guest character in both plots.

Next up, the winners of the Bucket Categories!

1. Most Awesome Bucket of the Year (MABY)

  • Bucketon Hero Bucket; Given to the saviours of Bucketon, this special bucket has been a sign of great heroism for some time now.

2. Most Elusive Bucket of the Year (MEB)

  • The Paragon Bucket; The Paragon Bucket continues to hold this title. This year, however, things may change…

3. Custom Bucket of the Year (CBY)

  • Sci Bucket; This year’s requested custom bucket of the year was requested by Pingu in December of 2009. Other buckets that were considered: Tom Felton Bucket, Snowflake Bucket, Technicolor Bucket, etc.

And finally, the Special award winners:

1. Fashion Statement of the Year (FSY)

  • The Bucket Hat; The Bucket Hat continues to hold this title.

2. Best Bucket Sentence of the Year (BBSY)

  • Meaning of Life is Bucket!; This sentence continues to hold the title.

3. Worst Bucket Sentence of the Year (WBSY)

  • Kick the Bucket; This sentence continues to hold the title.

4. Worst Use for a Bucket (WUB)

  • Kicking the Bucket; This use continues to hold the title.

5. Best Use for a Bucket (BUB)

  • Adopting a Bucket; This use continues to hold the title.

6. Lifetime Achievement Award (LAA)

  • The Bucket Faerie; Obvious reasons.

Happy St. Bucket’s Day!

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Happy St. Bucket’s Day, everyone 😀

I sadly won’t have time to do what I had planned, so I’ll hopefully do them a few days later. Not today though 😦


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St. Bucket’s Day is tomorrow 😀


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Here’s your chance to win a free BAIL Award on January 31st, 2010!

Simply type the word “bubketscanner” (just the word, but you can use it in a sentence) in my presence on these comments/JNF/JN/MSN/Subeta/Email/other (assuming I use this “other” thing) to be inserted into a list of people that will pick the winner of “Random Pick From People To Say The Word” award from.

To ensure that I see the word, either check that I’m online and/or leave me a message somewhere where I can see it once I come back online (private message/email/comments).

If you’d rather not leave this to chance, there will more FREE BAIL Award opportunities later ranging from tasks to other “fun” stuff.